The Mississippi Municipal Clerks and Tax Collectors Association (MMCCA) exists to further five major objectives.

  1. Provide a forum for discussing
    the problems commonly confronted by Mississippi's Municipal Clerks and Tax Collectors.

  2. Find solutions to these problems by exchanging ideas and experiences.

  3. Improve the management of Mississippi's cities through the work of the offices of the City Clerk and Tax Collector.

  4. Better enable members to fulfill and discharge their official duties.

  5. Improve each member's benefits, welfare, and standards.


Mike Jinks
Past President
Sheila Heath
1st Vice President
Kim Vaughn
2nd Vice President Celia Boren

Marsha Fairman

Angela Richburg
Southern Trustee
Debbie Bernarndo

Jo Ann Robbins

Jan Wilcher

Nita Westbrook

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